Babydoll Shearing

An Annual Affair

In 2009 when we imported out first 11 Babydolls, I had grandeos visions that I would learn to shear and do the work myself.  After having the sheep shearer over, I quickly changed my mind.  It was at that time I learned a valuable lesson - do what you are good at, and the rest, hire out!  Now at 32 sheep in 2018, it pays to have great people to come and work their expertise in areas I am not so strong!

We have found our sheep shearers through the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers website.  On their website they have a list of sheep shearers.  

Here is the link;

Since we brought the original flock of sheep home at the end of November 2009, we have fed them free-choice Kelp. Easily digested by the sheep, the kelp helps to promote wool growth, and produces a lush coat, just a couple of the wonderful benefits of this organic supplement. We noticed a drastic improvement in wool quality as soon as 3 weeks after introducing Kelp to their daily diets. I strongly recommend free-choice Kelp to anyone thinking of raising Babydolls, especially Babydolls as wool growers for the spinners and knitters out there.