Babydoll Lamb Pricing 2019

Oh my goodness - the wee girl in this picture is now 5 years older (actually both the human and lamb girl!).

We have remained consistent with our pricing and do not charge additional fees for our dual-registered lambs.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

Off-white Babydoll Ewe Lambs @ $800 each

Coloured Babydoll Ewe Lambs @ $1,000 each

Off-white Babydoll Ram Lambs @ $600 each

Coloured Babydoll Ram Lambs @ $800 each

Neutered Babydoll Ram Lambs (when available) @ $400 each

A $200 per lamb NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a lamb.  A deposit will only be refunded if we cannot provide you with the gender of lamb requested.  Balance of payment is due when the lamb is 6 weeks old.

We do not offer bulk/package pricing.

We start taking deposits in January each year and our Waiting List is full by the time lambs hit the ground in March/April.  Lambs can leave the farm when they are at least 9 weeks old and before they are 11 weeks old.

* We do not/can not ship lambs to the USA due to export restrictions between Canada and the USA.


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Gadshill, Ontario, Canada