Feeding Your Babydolls


Our adult Babydolls eat about 1 flake of hay per day, half in the morning and half in the evening.  We feed small hay bales weighing about 40lb and contain about 10 flakes. So 1 flake would be about 4lb of hay per day or 2lb per feeding.   A first or second cut (non moldy) hay or grass is a great choice. A Brome hay is good for maintenance.   A legume hay like Clover or Alfalfa is good to feed during lactation, when the mommas need extra nutrients.


Free Choice Mineral, Kelp Meal, Trace Mineral Salt

We have a supply of equal parts Free Choice Mineral, Kelp Meal and Trace Mineral Salt available to the sheep at all times.  They seem to know when they need it and how much they need.  Interesting observation - the sheep won't eat bark off the trees if they have enough mineral.

Aside from the 60 nutritious micro-elements and immune boosting properties, the Kelp Meal seems to aid in lifting the fleece away from the skin - which will make your shearer happy!

Supplementing with Rations

We ONLY feed our sheep a ration supplement to;

  • the breeding sheep in advance of breeding to improve body condition
  • Bred ewes starting at about 6 weeks before lambing and straight through lactation until lambs are 6 weeks old

Unless you are breeding the ewes, the sheep do NOT require a ration.  It is a high energy feed so it is easy for Babydolls to become overweight by being fed a ration for no reason at all.