Babydoll Embryos

A 4 year dream comes to fruition...

We have great genetics; diversity, a disease-free flock, great colour, great conformation and the credentials to ship genetics internationally!

As one of the largest registered Babydoll breeders in Canada, we are finding there are still not enough Babydolls to meet the demand.  Being Certified in the Canadian Scrapie program allows us to export our little flock Babydoll lambs and genetics.  

In the spring of 2012 we had our entire flock genetically tested to establish each of their resistance to Scrapie at Codon 171.  In August 2018 we had our flock tested for Maedi Visna, Brucellosis, Q Fever and our entire flock is negative (which is positive - means they are clean).

If you are interested in establishing a flock of Babydolls in the country you live, know that I am willing to work with you to find out what regulations and rules we need to follow in order to make it happen.  Whether it is live lambs, frozen semen for AI, or frozen embryos to implant into a ewe host of another breed, we can figure out what will work for where you live.

More great news, Canada has been recognized (July 3rd, 2012) as a Brucellosis-free country and therefore whole flock testing for Brucellosis is no longer required for export from our little flock.

Please contact us with all of your details and I will be in touch with you to let you know what step one will be, and what sort of timeline and pricing we would be looking at.