All lambs must be paid for in full before leaving our farm. Emailing funds through an Email Money Transfer through your online banking, as well as using Paypal and the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page is a secure and easy way to make these payments. our little flock maintains a Waiting List for Babydoll lambs. My current year Waiting List for lambs is full, and I am booking into 2015, and beyond. A $200 per lamb, non-refundable deposit and a completed Request Form is required to secure your position on this Waiting List. Position on the Waiting List is assigned based on the order of deposit money and Request Form received.

Once lambs are born, I will contact customers on the Waiting List. Obviously, the customer who is first on the Waiting List will be assigned their lamb(s) first. The balance of payment for you lamb(s) is due before the lamb turns 6 weeks old. If payment is not received by this time, you may forfeit your position in the choosing order, and perhaps even your deposit. I no longer accept personal cheques.
Your lamb(s) must be picked up within one week of the time they are 8 weeks of age.  Failure to do so will result in a standard $2/day/lamb boarding fee, due before retrieving your lamb(s).

For the last number of years, we have entrusted the care of our animals during shipping to one small, independant hauler.  He makes monthly trips west, and typically in May heads west (or east) with a load of our lambs to deliver them to customers. All costs incurred by the shipment of the sheep are the responsibility of the purchaser. Any blood work, Veterinarian fees, Health Certificates, etc. that are required [perhaps for the export of the lamb(s)] are the purchaser's responsibility and will require full payment prior to any required test being conducted. Of course, you are always welcome to pick up your lamb(s) here on our farm.

Because of the fact sheep are such social animals, I will not sell only one lamb to someone who does not already have sheep. Consider "employing" your Babydoll lamb at your petting zoo, as your vineyard or orchard groundskeeper, or just as a friendly little shadow to follow you around the hobby farm. Babydolls make excellent therapy animals and I have heard of many seniors who enjoy the visits from the local Babydoll sheep in their town!

On the Request form, you can indicate the gender and colour you would prefer in a lamb. We have unrelated breeding stock, black ewes and a black ram, white ewes and a white ram. We may even be able to put together a small starter flock for you. Please just ask, no question is silly! To see all of our gorgeous, loveable breeding stock, please view the our little flock photo album.

Your position on the Waiting List is secured with a $200 per lamb, non-refundable deposit and the submission of a completed Request Form. The only situation where a deposit would be refundable is if I can not give you the gender of lamb you requested. Other preferences, such a color and markings, do not qualify for a refund. Position on the Waiting List is based on the order of deposit monies received. Deciding you no longer wish to purchase a lamb will also result in you forfeiting your deposit, should I not be able to find a home for that/those lamb(s) within 30 days of their birth. Any applicable refunds will take 4 to 6 weeks to process.

A submission of the $200 per lamb, non-refundable deposit does NOT imply a guarantee that you will receive an our little flock Olde English Babydoll lambs. Factors such as your choosing order on the Waiting List, and the gender of the lamb you will accept, will play a part in determining if I will have the lamb you want this year. By putting a deposit down on a lamb(s), you are indicating your intent to purchase your specified gender of lamb, and willing to take the chances on number of lambs born to the ewe, sire of the lamb, markings and colour of lamb.

If I do have any lambs go unspoken for in the spring, I will post their pictures on this website.  Please go on to look at all our available lambs in the Lambs for Sale page. Any Spring lambs that remain unspoken for will be posted shortly after their birth, some time in April.

If you don't live in Canada and wish to start a flock of Babydoll sheep, please visit our website pages Babydoll Lambs for Sale - Export and Babydoll Embryos for Sale.
White Babydoll Lambs:

Ewe Lambs $800 each
Ram Lambs $600 each
Neutered Ram Lambs $400 each

Coloured Babydoll Lambs:

Ewe Lambs $1000 each
Ram Lambs $800 each
Neutered Ram Lambs $400 each

Spotted Babydoll Lambs

Ewe Lambs $1,200 each
Ram Lambs $1,200 each
Registered Olde English Babydoll Lambs
Domestic Pricing for 2016

Payment options are plentiful.  You can email funds to our little flock using the Email Money Transfer service available through your online banking, or pay through our website using PayPal.  For easy, fast, and secure payments to our little flock using your debit card or credit card through PayPal, please use this link below  (note: included in the pricing using PayPal is a 4% fee which I am charged by PayPal for using their service.  This fee is in addition to the purchase price and is not applied to the purchase price of this item.  To see the purchase price, please see the price list above).
Mini Babydoll Sheep Deposits & Payments
Before leaving our little flock at 8 weeks of age, each lamb has it's ears tagged, and tails docked. A Veterinarian can come to inspect your lamb before final payment, though this is at the purchaser's expense. Our lambs are healthy and vibrant, and we take pride in breeding for exceptional temperament and wonderful, charming Babydolls. Due to our participation in the Scrapie Canada program, once any sheep leaves our farm, they are not able to come back, as we must maintain a "Closed Flock" status.
* All prices listed on this website are in CANADIAN DOLLARS.
* Pricing shown is for the current year ONLY.
* Pricing changes would be posted on this page before deposits are taken.

* Neutered ram lambs (wethers) are: available only if the lamb will not make a quality breeder.
(any ram lamb can be neutered, though ram lamb price would apply for this service.)
* Bred ewes are: not available at this time.

* Yearlings and Adult Sheep are: not available at this time.
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